About sharnaya group

Introducing Sharanya Group, the company instilling their roots in the western side of Ahmedabad. Providing a perfect blend of breathtaking architecture designed, with awe-inspiring homes.

With more than 20 years of experience, partners of Sharanya Group are building dream residences. Pushing boundaries to create astonishing architecture that transforms to a world of possibilities. Utilizing the knowledge performed and experience acquired, Sharanya Group has built themselves since last 4 years and striving to keep going further with more.

The ambition is to develop an experience, a life with no limitations of space and imagination. Modern and fancy home designs with flourishing environment, spacious rooms and no comfort barriers just like an abode of dreams should be.

Our Story

Our journey began with the firm belief of changing the world of building constructions. Essentially home unit for people of India with such grand culture of several races residing in neighbourhood. The objective was to serve them a habitat that they would desire, they could imagine. To create an arena for people to discover what they truly deserve whether in terms of area or aesthetics. Make them perceive that the dream home they thought is completely real and when it comes to getting what you wish for, when you see it with your eyes, never think twice.

Our Values

A belief that guides us is to build, to create with the best of resources. Implement the values we originated with all these years and introduce people our calibre to work as a team on several different aspects of construction world. It is what we believed in helped us begin and rise significantly in all directions of growth, which is stays with us unshakeably just like our foundation. With such strong ground, we aimed to build grand structures with vast inventiveness for the sky life. While practicing our abilities everyday it became a culture to construct the home which is not only forged with bricks and mortar but thoughts, ideas and concepts we are able to implement for the residence you fancy.

OUR Vision

The central driving factor is to design and deliver what seems just a thought to most people. Home is one place, one property which is very close and private to a person. It not only reflects what one desires or their style but also how they live, the kind of lifestyle they prefer. Our vision is to revive an idea and establish which may sound like a dream but as they say, dreams do come true. The goal is to introduce the life, the experience people expected out of their abode and never had but always wished for. Something like that so close to heart must be an existing place, unveiling numerous possibilities of a healthy and happy life.



Welcome to the life of your dreams. Scenic, Serene & Tranquil. Luxury Homes designed exclusively for you.  An address where some of the best things in the world are reserved for you only.


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